What to Bring

We get it, you’re just starting out with your business and you most likely don’t have all the bells and whistles you want. No sweat. Here’s the list of things we’d love for you to have, but if you’re missing any of the necessities just let us know! We should be able to work something out.


  • water bottle
  • extra snacks (if you’re a major snacker)
  • a headshot worthy outfit
  • creative and open mind


  • smart phone for instagram + social media lessons
  • tablet or laptop for social networks
  • the chargers for your devices
  • extra pens (especially if you like to colour coordinate)
  • any existing photography of you, your products or your services
  • logo design (if any) + any branding materials you already have
  • products or tangible items to photograph (jewelry, business cards, postcards, packaging)

Lunch, refreshments and some snacks will be provided.